Avenue of Flags
The Avenue of Flags

The Avenue of Flags is a personalized Memorial to Your Veteran that will be honored for generations to come at Llano Cemetery.

Historic Llano Cemetery began its Avenue of Flags Memorial Day 2014 with the raising of the first military flag in honor of Lance Corporal Joshua C. Alonzo along with his Gold Star mother, Alice Alonzo.

The Avenue of Flags will be held in conjunction with every Memorial Day to honor our Fallen Heroes.

Growing over the Years

In the following years, we have added over 70 Veteran Flags from around the country and each year we hope to add more Fallen Heroes Memorials.

Personalized Memorial to Your Veteran

The Avenue of Flags is truly a personalized memorial to your Veteran and we invite you to join in this special tribute by donating (or purchasing) a Government-Issued casket flag and pole. Every Memorial Day weekend to come, Llano Cemetery will raise these donated flags in specially designated areas in the cemetery. Each flag pole will bear a metal tag with the name of your Veteran, their rank and branch of service along with their birth and death dates. Maps of flag locations will be provided each year so that family and friends can easily locate a specific Veteran's flag.

How to Donate a Flag

Llano Cemetery’s Avenue of Flags is truly a personalized tribute to our Veterans.

It is our honor to invite your family to join in this special tribute to your Veteran by donating or purchasing the United States Government-Regulation Size Casket Flag and Pole. Each Memorial Day Weekend at Llano Cemetery, these donated Flags will be raised in specially designated areas. Each Flag Pole will bear a metal tag with the name of the Veteran, their rank and branch of service along with their birth and death dates. Maps of Flag locations will be provided each year so that family and friends can easily locate a specific Veteran’s Flag. This program is open to all families, regardless of where the Veteran is buried. Your only expense is the purchase of a Flag Pole, which also covers the perpetual care of your Flag. You may donate the actual Flag you received from the Military or retain it and purchase a duplicate Flag to fly on the grounds.

To participate fill out the form below or to mail your donation in, click here to download the form.


Flag Dedicated In Honor Of:

Flag Dedicated By:


All flag donations must be made prior to April 15th of the year to fly on Memorial Day Weekend of that year.

Llano Cemetery Association will not accept the donation of a Flag without the purchase of a Flag Pole and this donation form. We will only accept U.S Government-Regulation Size Casket Flags. If the donated Flag becomes damaged beyond repair, Llano Cemetery will - without cost to the family - replace the Flag and properly dispose of the damaged one. All Flags donated to the Avenue of Flags will remain in the permanent custody of Llano Cemetery and cannot be returned.

Lance Corporal Thomas Creek

Llano Cemetery is honored to be the final resting place of USMC Lance Corporal Thomas Creek who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. His citation reads: “For conspicuous gallantry at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as rifleman with Company #1 in action against enemy forces. On February 13, 1969, Lance Corporal Creek’s squad was providing security for a convoy moving to resupply the Vandergrift Combat Base in South Vietnam. A land-mine detonated and destroyed the truck that Thomas was in. Almost immediately, the Marines came under a heavy volume of hostile mortar fire followed by intense small arms fire from a well-concealed enemy force. As his squad deployed to engage the enemy, Lance Corporal Creek quickly moved to a fighting position and aggressively engaged the enemy in the fire fight. Observing a position from which he could more effectively deliver fire against the hostile force, he completely disregarded his own safety as he ran across the bullet-swept terrain and was seriously wounded by enemy fire. During this time, an enemy grenade was thrown between Thomas and 5 other Marines. Fully realizing the consequences of his actions, Creek yelled “I’ve got it, Mac!” and laid upon the grenade absorbing the full force of the explosion with his body saving the lives of at least five of his fellow Marines. As a result of his heroic deed, his men were inspired to such aggressive action that the enemy was defeated and the convoy was able to continue its vital mission. Lance Corporal Creek’s indomitable courage, inspiring valor and selfless devotion to duty upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.”

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