An Introduction to Cremation Spaces

Many families today are choosing cremation services as an alternative to traditional burial. However, it’s important to remember that the permanent placement and memorialization of your loved one’s cremated remains is essential in creating a lasting memorial and tribute to their life. It serves as a place for future generations to come and remember and honor; a place to say hello and a place to say goodbye.


The Cloisters are limited-edition private cremation estates that are placed in an exclusive, gated courtyard located within Llano Cemetery’s Historic Pantheon Mausoleum. These beautiful granite columbaria have been designed for families who desire the utmost in privacy, security and prestige.

Glass Front Niches

Llano Cemetery’s glass front niches are located inside the Historic Pantheon Mausoleum, providing a secure and climate-controlled visitation area. Along with the urn, other personal mementos may be added to the niche such as photographs and items that represent your loved one’s interests and hobbies.

Cremation Benches

Cremation Benches offer a beautiful way to permanently memorialize your family. As many as four loved ones may be placed within the granite bench. Cremation Benches can be set in many beautiful and serene locations throughout Llano Cemetery, creating property that represents a true Family Estate.

Natural Boulder Estates

Many families wish to place cremated remains in a natural setting that blends with our landscape. Natural Boulder Estates provide the perfect way to memorialize your loved one by using native Texas Moss Rock that can hold up to six bronze urns. These boulders are located around Llano Cemetery’s Wildlife Pond and may also be placed in other areas throughout Llano.

Community Columbarium

Cremation niches are available in Llano Cemetery’s Garden Columbarium. These natural granite niches provide a beautiful permanent memorialization that is very affordable.

In-Ground Burial

Families often choose to combine cremation with traditional ground burial. This may occur when a family already owns Llano Cemetery property or desires to have cremated remains placed near loved ones already buried here. A natural bronze, granite or marble memorial, along with a vase may be placed to permanently memorialize your loved one.

Cremation Urns

For those families choosing cremation, Llano Cemetery carries a variety of cremation urns in many beautiful styles and designs. These may be placed in one of our many cremation memorialization choices: cremation estates, columbarium, glass front niche, cremation bench, in-ground interment.

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