Cremation Benches

A cremation bench is a permanent and beautiful way to memorialize your family. With room to accommodate the cremated remains of up to four loved ones, this is a unique way to keep your family together. Cremation benches can be placed in many beautiful and serene locations throughout Llano Cemetery, creating a physical property that represents a true family estate.

Why Should You Choose a Cremation Bench?

A cremation bench memorial is the perfect way to create a designated remembrance area for loved ones who has been cremated. Whether you want to include the cremated remains inside of the bench is entirely up to you. Even if you choose to scatter the cremated remains, a cremation bench can still serve as a dedicated memorial to your loved one by giving you a place to say hello and a place to say goodbye.

Cremation benches are more than just a place to sit and relax; they provide you a place to talk, honor, and preserve memories. These memorials can be placed in a peaceful setting to reflect and remember a loved one lost. This can bring peace of mind and comfort to many family members.

What Types of Cremation Benches Are Available?

There are a variety of options available when it comes to cremation benches, and the type that you choose is completely dependent upon your wishes and what you’d like to do with the cremated remains. Some families choose a bench in place of a headstone. The pedestal or legs. That leg can also be used as a cremation chamber to safely and permanently hold the loved one’s cremated remains.

Cremation benches are the perfect memorial for any lost loved one, and it is a great way to keep families together for eternity. Call us today to learn more.

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