Glass Front Niches

Llano Cemetery’s glass front niches are located inside the Historic Pantheon Mausoleum, providing a secure and climate-controlled visitation area. A unique way to display a beautiful urn, a glass front niche serves as a safe and serene option to memorialize your loved one.

What is a Glass Front Niche?

A cremation niche is typically made up of a wall with many recessed compartments. Those compartments permanently house cremation urns, and depending on the size, a single niche may hold two urns. The glass front of the niche serves to further protect the urn and any personal memorial items that might be placed inside. This is a great way to represent a loved one’s personality, hobbies, and interests.

Why Choose a Glass Front Niche?

If you are interested in cremation, there are several reasons that you might choose a glass front niche for urn presentation:

  • Personalization. Families may personalize the niche with items important to your loved one and you.
  • Family visits. Some people who are interested in cremation still want a singular spot where they can visit their loved one to sit and remember. A glass front niche provides a secure place to feel close to a loved one who has passed.
  • Environmental reasons. While we have plenty of room for in-ground burial at Llano Cemetery, there are many parts of the world where cemetery space is limited. If you have environmental concerns, choosing cremation can help to ease your environmental impact, as these internment options take up less land and fewer resources.
  • Weather concerns. Above ground burial niches are sheltered and climate-controlled. For this reason, you won’t have to worry about extreme or inclement weather affecting a loved one’s final resting place.

There are many other wonderful benefits to glass front niches, and if you are interested in this option, we are happy to discuss them with you further.

About the Llano Pantheon Mausoleum

The Llano Cemetery Pantheon Mausoleum houses all our glass front niches. This historic structure was constructed from 1927-1929. Local architect Joseph Champ Berry served as the project supervisor, while Chicago resident Sidney Lowell, Sr. was responsible for the design. Constructed from Bedford stone, a material known for its endurance, the mausoleum is a strong and durable structure that serves as a memorial for Amarillo’s departed.

If you are interested in the glass front niches at Llano Cemetery or have questions about any of other services, please give us a call. Our friendly family services counselors want to help you choose the best internment option for your family’s unique needs.

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