The Cloisters – Private Cremation Estates

The Cloisters are the limited-edition private cremation estates offered at Llano Cemetery’s Historic Pantheon Mausoleum. When you choose a private cremation estate, remains are placed into an exclusive, gated courtyard, allowing your loved ones peace of mind and a sense of security. For families who desire the utmost in privacy and prestige, a private cremation estate is a wonderful final resting place.

What is a Cremation Estate?

A cremation estate is a structure made of polished granite that is intended for permanent placement of multiple urns. There are many colors and styles to choose from, and they are designed for permanent inscriptions on the front and back of the structure. Emblems and other decorative options can be inscribed onto the cremation estate for personalization, and prices will vary based on the design.

Reasons to Choose a Private Cremation Estate

If you are interested in cremation, but aren’t sure if a private cremation estate is right for you and your family, there are several benefits to consider:

  • Eliminate unnecessary costs. While you’ll take on the cost of the estate with this option, cremation is less expensive than traditional, in-ground burials. Choosing cremation eliminates many of the costs associated with funerals, including the cost of a casket, outer burial container, headstone, and gravesite.
  • Keep loved ones together. Private cremation estates have enough room for multiple urns, allowing loved ones to stay together even after they have passed on.
  • Environmental benefits. Cremation on its own is eco-friendly, as cremated remains take up less space than those that are buried. Even a cremation estate will be more eco-friendly than other burial options, as a relatively small structure can house the urns of multiple people.
  • A central location to visit. Many people who choose cremation opt to spread their ashes over a vast area, but this doesn’t allow loved ones a single place to visit, reflect, and remember. With a cremation estate, all the benefits of cremation are available, but the remains stay in a single location.
  • No upkeep. While the Llano Cemetery grounds undergo meticulous landscaping and upkeep, when you invest in a private cremation estate, upkeep becomes even less of a concern. You won’t need to worry about any ongoing maintenance costs with this interment option. 

The beautiful private cremation estates at Llano Cemetery offer a unique interment space that offers dignity and prestige for your family. Call us today to learn more about this option.

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